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In people prone to buy celecoxib online, in the absence of emotional and psychological support, dysthymia develops into a persistent depressive state. Dysthymia of the somatic type manifests itself in the form of complaints of a general poor state of the nervous system, arrhythmia and tachycardia, anxiety attacks. This disease greatly affects the physical condition of patients, reducing their activity, causing impotence and asthenic condition.

  • The characterological type of dysthymia is expressed in persistent pessimism, a depressive worldview and a complex of constant failures. This type of disease manifests itself in people who are silent, closed, sensitive to troubles and weak in relation to life's difficulties.
  • Medical research has established that dysthymia can be not only a disease of people with a melancholic temperament, but also a disorder associated with external factors, childhood psychological trauma and a hereditary predisposition to depression.
  • To determine dysthymia, it is necessary to conduct regular clinical examinations several times within two years. To buy celebrex online an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to analyze the symptoms and conduct a statistical study of PS.mental disorders based on the following criteria.
  • A psychologist and a neurologist conduct ongoing consultations with the patient and identify the presence of celecoxib disorders, signs of mania or hypomania, mixed psychological states.
  • Treatment of dysthymia must begin with establishing the causes and symptoms of the disease, as well as determining the physical condition of the patient. The course of drug treatment includes antidepressants (Prozac, cipramil, etc.) and monoamine oxidase.
  • The most effective treatment for dysthymia is accompanied by family and interpersonal psychological therapy. Also, cognitive therapy will increase self-esteem and improve the overall emotional state of the patient. Individual therapy can alternate with group psychological sessions that improve interpersonal communication of patients, consolidate their position in the social environment and increase personal significance.
  • The information is generalized and is provided for informational purposes only. Seek medical attention at the first sign of illness. Self-medication is dangerous to health! Mental disorder - dysthymia.

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Dysthymia is a disorder of the human psyche, which is characterized by a decrease in mood. Dysthymia is also called mild depression, because it has some manifestations of this disease. On the whole Earth, every fifth person is affected by this disease, most of them are women. Sometimes an improvement in mood appears in the patient, but it does not last more than two months. And if so, then dysthymia is already turning into depression. There can be many reasons for dysthymia. First of all, people with a weak psyche and nervous system are susceptible to this disease. People who are prone to sudden mood swings, experience problems in their personal lives and at work, do not have proper support from loved ones, are at great risk of developing dysthymia.

As with most mental illnesses, genetic predisposition also plays a role. And if it is supplemented by frequent stresses and worries, then the risk of getting sick increases significantly. The following main symptoms of dysthymia can be distinguished. Decreased mood Insomnia or drowsiness Low self-esteem Pessimism Weakness in the body Decreased concentration Inability to feel pleasure. An accurate diagnosis can only be made if these symptoms have been observed for two years. But for children, one year is enough. Most people are exposed to it in their youth, but learn about it after many years.

This mental disorder is not diagnosed if a person has had episodes of schizophrenia, mania, delirium, depression. If the disease is not treated within three years, then the patient may develop symptoms of a depressive disorder. Two-thirds of patients with dysthymia also have concomitant diseases, both of celebrex pills and psychological origin. It can be anxiety, social phobia, panic attack and others. The risk of developing depression remains high. Also, it is important to distinguish this disease from cyclothymia. The latter is characterized by mental disorders, sudden changes in mood, manifestations of celecoxib. Cyclothymia is characterized by individual and double changes.

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Since no serious symptoms appear in a person, parents often talk about a certain character, and not about an illness. Therefore, people often live for decades without realizing their illness. Psychiatrists distinguish somatized and characterological types of dysthymia. Somatized dysthymia is characterized by poor health of the body, which manifests itself in shortness of breath, palpitations, lack of sleep, constipation, pain in the intestines, severe anxiety and sadness. With characterological dysthymia, psychological symptoms are observed. It is expressed in pessimism, low self-esteem, blues, loss of the meaning of life. A patient with this type of dysthymia sees the world exclusively in gray tones. He quickly forgets a joyful event, and in the future only grief and misfortune awaits. If such a person remembers his past mistakes, then he is tormented by remorse.

According to a website about psychology, patients constantly expect unpleasant events, talk little and push away people close to them. Gradually, motor inhibition develops, when the gait becomes slow, and gestures become sluggish. No initiative comes from them. This mental illness is very difficult to cure. After all, dysthymia is characterized by strong resistance. The patient is in a bad mood, but not depressed. For treatment, antidepressants Imipramine, Clomipramine, Amelipramine are used. Doctors attribute to the sick Sulpiride and Amisulpiride.

In addition to medications, a patient with dysthymia needs support from relatives and friends. Practicing classes with a psychiatrist, individual and group therapy. The diet must include vitamins A, B, C, PP. Diffuse esophageal spasm symptoms.